detailed information

Product Name   One to six coaxial switch system  

Product Model   RFS061A

Product Number

Product Description

    One to six coaxial switch system features high isolation, low VSWR, long service life, and short switching time, enabling it to freely switch 6 RF channels. The PC-side serial control channel is connected and disconnected with intelligent and automated production test trends, facilitating efficient operation and program extension.

Product Appearance


Technical Specifications

Working frequency(GHz)


Number of channels




Standing wave ratio


Line Loss

Difference of each channel <0.3dB, long-term operation, multiple line loss stability

Switch lifetime

10 million times

Switch time






Powered supply(V)

220V AC

Working temperature(°C)


Appearance dimension(mm)


Power indicator

Yes (Power is green)

Status indicator

Yes (Green is always on: this road strobe)

Serial port control

Yes (Control according to the specified serial port command)

Serial control instructions

1. Open HyperTerminal, create a new connection, click OK after naming;

Instructions 1.png

2. Select the serial port to which RFS061A is connected,then click OK.

Instructions 2.png

3. To configure the connection properties, just click on "restore to default", click OK;

Instructions 3.png

4. Through the instruction can directly select a specified output and input connections.
For example: Select output terminal 2 and the input terminal to communicate with the serial port input command "test, 2" + "Enter" key, and the system will feedback "ok" after the instruction is completed. To end the test during the test, enter the "stop" + "Enter" key.