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Product introduction of manual shieldied box

MS series is a manual shielding box, which is suitable for building terminal R & D verification, production and test solution platform in the fields of smart phone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smart grid equipment, automotive electronics, UAV and Internet of things. This series of shielding box is made of high-quality large-scale plates by laser, numerical control cutting, sheet metal forming, surface electroplating, electrostatic spraying and baking paint, assembly and debugging, aging, test and inspection, etc. it has the advantages of high shielding efficiency, reliable structure and stable performance. In the aspect of filter selection, corresponding I / O data interface, RF interface or non-standard communication interface can be configured according to customer requirements.

Product characteristics

◆ the working size of multi scene meets most of the testing requirements of intelligent mobile terminals on the market.

◆ new type of absorbing material is adopted to ensure that the reflected wave signal in the box is reduced to the lowest level and reduce the probability of error measurement caused by the environment.

◆ the complete communication interface design makes it more convenient for you to build the test platform.

◆adopt multi-layer extrusion sealing design to ensure the shielding efficiency of more than 80dB.

Product application

It is widely used in the R & D, production test and verification of intelligent terminal products with Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, GPS, BD, RFID and other functions, such as the laboratory test and production test of smart meter, mobile phone, tablet computer, wireless routing, network card, UAV, Bluetooth headset and speaker, VR, smart home and other products.