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Precautions before purchasing shielded boxes

      TOJOIN is a company specializing in the development of shielding boxes. It mainly manufactures shielding box testing equipment such as mobile phone shielding boxes, GPS shielding boxes, and Bluetooth shielding boxes. Each customer needs to carefully understand the main product information of the shielding box before purchasing, so as to efficiently purchase a testing device suitable for his company. In order to enable customers to purchase shielded boxes more quickly and accurately, Xiaobian will provide the following suggestions.

       First of all, the customer needs to confirm the approximate data of the shielding box needed, such as opening method, communication interface form and working size. The working size of the shielding box is determined according to the customer's use of space requirements. At present, the shielding box is divided into manual shielding box, pneumatic shielding box, semi-automatic shielding box and electric shielding box. In addition, confirm the filter communication interface form. Commonly used interfaces include DB9, DB25, USB, RG45, RG11, DC, and AC.

       Then confirm the details of the shielding box, such as the shielding box test product frequency and test isolation requirements; if the manufacturer does not meet the requirements of the shielding box, you can ask the manufacturer can customize the different specifications according to customer requirements box.

       All these issues are related to the purchase of shielding boxes. As long as you keep these related matters in mind, you can do more with less when purchasing. If you have any questions or product needs, please contact us at the joint-brand manufacturer. This site will continue to provide services for you, so stay tuned.