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Electromagnetic shielding box recommended the TOJOIN

      With the increasing popularity of home appliance products and the rapid development of computer networks, the electromagnetic environment becomes increasingly complex and deteriorating, making governments and manufacturing companies in all countries pay more attention to the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electronic and electrical products is a very important quality indicator. It not only concerns the reliability of the product itself and the safety of use, but it may also affect the normal operation of other devices.

       Electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC) is a comprehensive assessment of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) and anti-interference (EMS) capabilities of electronic products and is one of the most important indicators of product quality. Electromagnetic compatibility testing consists of test sites and test instruments. Among them, the test site includes open field, dark room and shielded room; the main equipment for electromagnetic interference testing includes dark room, receiver and receiving antenna. EMI can be divided into radiation interference and conduction interference according to the transmission route. According to the principle of electromagnetic compatibility design, shielding is the most effective measure against radiation interference.

       TOJOIN is a professional shielding box manufacturer in China, focusing on the production of various shielding boxes, such as Bluetooth shielding box, mobile phone shielding box, WIFI shielding box, automatic shielding box, pneumatic shielding box, manual shielding box, shielding box and Shielded room. In addition, in order to better cater to the needs of customers, Sino-Israeli joint production of shielding box related accessories for customers to develop a suitable program.