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How to design the box of mobile phone shielding box

       The mobile phone shielding box is made of shells, plates, sleeves, etc., made of conductive or magnetically conductive materials. It can limit the electromagnetic capacity to a certain range of space and is used to suppress radiated metal. Therefore, the mobile phone shielding box is Make the wireless communication device under test in a device without interference test environment.

      The design of the box of the mobile phone shielding box should ensure the continuity of its conductivity and ensure the surface finish and contact tightness of the product. At present, there are many models on the market: die-casting, casting, and sheet metal welding. The die-casting box can better ensure the close contact of the molecules and ensure better continuity of electrical conductivity. The casting can also be well isolated after surface treatment. Although the surface treatment process is omitted in the sheet metal welding process, the degree of isolation is likely to be reduced in the welding contact surface, and the processing requirements at the butt joint surface are relatively high. If the treatment is not good, the isolation and the service life of the mobile phone shielding box will be affected. In addition, the mobile phone is shielded. Box box design should also pay attention to grounding.

        There is conduction, conduction is a key part of the mobile phone shielding box to deal with, the product placed mobile phone shielding box in the test must be connected with the outside world through the interface communication, need to connect the test equipment, if the interface filter is not good, connect the instrument RF line Will become an antenna, the signal into the phone shielding box, there will be no shielding effect, the degree of isolation is extremely reduced. Tests also cannot feed accurate data. Therefore, the key to the isolation of the mobile phone shielding box needs to be grasped on the interface processing, and different interface filtering methods are used for different frequencies of the tested products.

       The mobile phone shielded box adopts advanced casting technology, filtering and automatic control technology to make the performance more standard. It can effectively communicate with the computer, and compile its standard instructions into the test program; so that there are multiple safety protections during operation. The function can effectively prevent the misoperation from causing damage to the operator and the product.