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The use of shielding box in the router manufacturing base

       Electronic manufacturing may seem like a typical labor-intensive industry to ordinary people. However, routers, as one of the longest continuous electronic products, must be stricter than other consumer products to control the quality of manufacturing processes. The most impressive is the quality control process that runs through all production processes. In a factory building that does not appear to be an outward appearance, it is a fully automated high-speed production facility. In the first step of production, SMT (circuit board processing), routing begins to detect each solder joint on the circuit board by means of optical scanning so as to prevent the semi-finished product in question from flowing into the next production link. Next, from the welding of components to the assembly of antennas, from press-fitting enclosures to logistics packaging, every precise production process is accompanied by a rigorous quality inspection process.

      The test equipment is a microwave-sized box followed by a series of instruments. The upper lid of the box can be automatically opened and closed. Putting the router into the box can quickly create a non-interference-free closed space, so as to quickly verify whether the wireless signal of the router is debugged. The best state. "This kind of shielding box has two links, one step is to test the performance of the wireless signal, and the other step is to test the running status of the software."

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