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Broad prospects for wireless meter reading, shielded boxes provide quality assurance

        What is wisdom water? The basic understanding is that “Intelligent Water Affairs uses online monitoring equipment such as data acquisition equipment, wireless networks, water pressure gauges and other online monitoring equipment to sense the operational status of urban water supply and drainage systems in real time, and adopts a visual way to organically integrate water management and water supply and drainage facilities to form a “city”. “Water Utility Network” can analyze and process massive water information in a timely manner, and make corresponding decision-making results to assist decision-making, and manage the entire production, management and service flow of the water system in a more detailed and dynamic manner, thereby achieving The state of wisdom."

       There is a de facto gap between the current "Internet" and "Internet" thinking. Many people associate smart water services with the popular “Internet”. In fact, as a traditional industry, the water industry is currently only a traditional means to use some of the Internet’s application functions. It can only be “Internet”, not “Internet”. The concept, of course, also includes the "Internet of things" method that is based on online monitoring instruments. At present, many water meter suppliers have started to make fuss about the hardware construction of remote water meter software. There are also many secondary pressurization equipment suppliers to the water company's core content, especially online monitoring software applications, data analysis and other contents are also under the banner of “smart water” and shouting, this is to some extent, the industry’s A progress that brings vitality to the traditional water industry. The Sino-British joint-produced shielding box can provide an environment without signal interference and can perform signal communication detection on meter reading instruments and smart water meters.